What is RIDE?

RIDE is a Boutique Indoor Cycling Barn serving Litchfield County.  Our mission is to encourage personal growth, energizing fitness and community connectedness in a unique and intimate barn-like setting.  Our state-of-the-art Keiser bikes located on the main floor and our dynamic TRX training stations exemplifies our desire to be exceptional, and yet, our modest 1,000 square foot barn is perfectly quintessential “New England.”   

RIDE cycling offers a group exercise that focuses on endurance, strength, high/low intensity intervals and recovery. And our bikes allow each person to control his/her own intensity level while riding with the group.

RIDE TRX offers suspension-type training using bodyweight and resistance exercises in the form of compound movements aimed at developing strength, balance and flexibility.  Our stations are infinitely scalable and therefore, a fun and effective total-body workout for anyone, no matter their fitness level, weight or height. 

RIDE’s combination class of 45 minutes cycling followed by 15 minutes TRX training is more proof that RIDE is not your average gym or cycling studio.  This particular class provide a superior cardio workout and lower body training with upper body and core strengthening.